Quite a lot of people are against the whole slaughtering animals by the millions in order to provide hot sexy protein to the populous, others are indifferent. I’ll pull some figures out of my ass here – livestock contributes to 40% of global agricultural output. More than 1/3 of all raw materials and fossil fuels consumed in the USA are used in animal production, holy shit. We use a lot of resources growing, caring for, and relentlessly butchering animals – perhaps this is a little excessive. What if we dedicated these resources elsewhere?



In order to free resources taken up by animals, we need to stop providing for them while maintaining/growing the amount of meat products we produce, so we need another source of meat. For whatever reason lab grown meat is controversial – people are okay with baby chickens being forced into a meat blender but won’t eat lab meat because it isn’t natural? :thinking:



To begin growing meat in our labs we need to acquire some cells with a high rate of proliferation, these can be stem cells (adult or embryonic), myosatellite cells (found in mature muscles) or myocyte cells (also muscle). The cells will then be treated with a protein that encourages tissue growth and placed in a growth medium. The cells will grow and can then be used for whatever. If you want to grow 3D meat, you’ll need to whip up some edible scaffolding for the cells to grow on. Once you have your slab of cells chugging away, it’s theoretically possible to produce meat indefinitely with no introduction of new cells.



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