With current costs of ~ $10,000 per kg to launch objects into space it can cost anywhere between $50M to $500M to get a satellite into orbit.   As mentioned in our previous asteroid mining article, mining and processing materials in space could lower our launch costs as we’d only need to strap essentials to the [...]
NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke has declared Perseid meteor shower as one of the most famous meteor showers of the years. The peak of the meteor shower will be on the 12-13th of August, with up to 60 meteors per hour entering the atmosphere. According to the NASA experts the moon will be very close to a new [...]
  Quite a lot of people are against the whole slaughtering animals by the millions in order to provide hot sexy protein to the populous, others are indifferent. I’ll pull some figures out of my ass here – livestock contributes to 40% of global agricultural output. More than 1/3 of all raw materials and fossil fuels consumed in the USA [...]
Inside the center of the sun a huge mass squeezes down from all sides. A pressure and temperature so intense that four hydrogen nuclei give their lives to form one helium atom. The mass of the helium ‘ash’ is slightly less than that of the original nuclei – the mass is not lost; it is transferred into energy. Some of [...]
After decades of construction work, your futuristic space station has been finished. Unfortunately, it’s on Earth. In order to get it into orbit you’ll have to lift it 35,000km and then provide it with a quite a bit of horizontal velocity. You check your bank account and it’s empty. After building your 7-tonne monstrosity you have [...]
It’s late at night and a new friend request pops up on Facebook – who is it?     You’ve never even heard of the person before but you decide to add them anyways just for the fun of it. A conversation sparks up and you two hit it off quite well, you talk about a range of topics from [...]
Terrestrial mining sounds boring right? Who'd want to mine on our shit hole of a planet?